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How to choose electronic locks: Kunshan Universal electronic locks intelligent g

Can traditional door locks provide safe protection for our families in this age of intelligence? The evolution of door locks, do you know how far they've come? Innovation and breakthrough, improvement and change, along the way, Kunshan tonyon decades, WITH ONE BY ONE R & D results and sales have gradually become China's smart lock market leader, Down to Earth, looking ahead, the next step, the ultimate goal of Kyunshan Tonyon will be to develop products with more advanced technology to provide a more convenient and safer life for millions of users.

Kunshan Tonyon lock was founded in 1986, has nearly 30 years of lock history. The group has the headquarters of Suzhou Kunshan Tonyon Lock Co. , Ltd. , Wenzhou Tonyon Lock Co. , Ltd. and Shanghai Kunshan Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. . A total area of 80000 square production base, more than 30 years of experience in making locks. These are Kunshan Tonyon's solid hardware foundation, and what really makes Kunshan Tonyon proud is the enterprise's emphasis on technology research and development and achievements. The technology of intelligent electronic lock is the soul of a professional lock enterprise and the most important creed that Tonyon has adhered to.

Kunshan Electronic lock
since its inception, has always been a modern intelligent devices to guard the safety of the lives of thousands of households. The smart chip gives each smart lock a superior performance: Fingerprint Unlock, Swipe Card unlock, password unlock, traditional key unlock, and the most up to date APP unlock, it is also a demonstration of the intelligent technology of Kyunshan Tonyon. Kunshan Tonyon's decades of experience and Advanced Assembly Line to ensure the quality of intelligent locks is beyond reproach. There are complete and thoughtful national network after-sales protection, so that whether the product itself, or service to the user with the greatest security and convenience.

In this intelligent age, what people need is the security guard to the family and the family, what needs is the convenience and the intelligent life style, outside is the world to be troubled, inside is the family joyfully. Let the Kunshan tonyon smart lock do a little bit for you and be your smart gatekeeper in the information age.


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