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Kunshan tonyon intelligent lock: The great weapon has been madecarvedjade

The door lock is constantly changing in the times, but the traditional idea of Chinese people living and working in peace and contentment runs through all the time, the door lock is not only the space of personal privacy, but also the first line of Defense to defend home. Mozi series main "keyless" function, advocating the "keyless, more intelligent" concept. As we all know, modern life is gradually being transformed by intelligent products, such as smart watches, smart payments, smart homes (cleaning robots, smart sockets, smart tvs, etc.) , the impact of technology is subtly changing our lives.

Kunshan tonyon smart lockWalking in the forefront of the industry, the first time to feel the changes in society and technological innovation, from the user's needs, combined with the lock's own characteristics, Mozi keyless series abandoned the conventional electronic locks are equipped with mechanical locks as a backup to open the way, fully avoid the mechanical spare lock storage is not easy, easy to lose, safety is not high after the problem.

At the same time, the patented combination lock head is chosen as the spare key function. The new mechanical combination button lock head structure is equipped with the super combination lock function. More than 1 million passwords increase the difficulty of cracking, the mutual opening rate is extremely low, and it is embedded into the lock body as a whole, more double-key-type anti-technology to open the password function, once again subvert the original rotating password technical defects.

In the lock industry so close to the design of intelligent life, and then with technological innovation and subversion innovation to make smart lock real intelligence, let the lock completely say goodbye to the key, really get rid of the key, let your home more secure, more secure, more comfortable.

KYUNSHAN TONYON's product design strives to simplify the Act of opening doors, so Mozi's keyless y series simply pushes, pulls, or holds the door, reducing the opening to a single step. In the finger-tip details between the square inch, reveals Kunshan tonyon's business philosophy —— -- people-oriented, excellence, honesty and pragmatism, and continuous innovation. At the same time, five ways to unlock the user to meet the different habits of life.

The intimate design of virtual password, in the correct password before or after any number, length does not exceed 20, as long as there is a continuous correct password can open the door. The digital input password can be changed every time, greatly increasing the security of the password and effectively preventing the password from leaking. Compared to fixed passwords, virtual passwords are undoubtedly more secure, harder to spy on, less risky to leak, and more able to handle the embarrassment of someone else entering a password while they're nearby. Kunshan hope to become a Guardian Mountain of your home, whenever you return home, Kunshan Tonyon smart lock is always the first line of defense for your home, to protect your safety.

In the future, Kunshan tonyon will continue to innovate in the field of smart locks, seeking to overturn, continue to launch keyless w series and s series, fully implement the "keyless, smarter" product philosophy, it is the mission of TONYON'S R & D and design to bring time-saving, heart-saving and labor-saving products to thousands of families and lock them in a place where they can live and work in peace and contentment

It is believed that with the rich experience in lock making of Kunshan Tonyon Intelligent Lock and the R & D and design capability of the international team, we will be able to realize the grand vision of precision intelligent lock made in China and demonstrate the firm strength of Chinese "intelligence" for the world.


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