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Which brand of smart lock is better? Kunshan Tonyon Electronic Lock tells you th

The door lock is the most solid barrier to protect the security of the home, and it is also the root to safeguard personal privacy and family happiness. There are countless cases of traditional security door locks being easily broken by thieves around us and in the media. In this intelligent era, the traditional lock has been difficult for us to provide 100% security, the emergence of smart electronic lock to give us a newer and safer choice. Electronic door lock double increase security factor, convenience, intelligence and aesthetics are far better than traditional door lock, become the choice of more and more families. Among the numerous domestic and foreign smart lock brands, the domestic brand Kunshan General smart lock gradually stands out in the wave of smart lock replacing traditional locks. This is not only the glory of Kunshan universal locks, but also the victory of the safe life of thousands of families.

For the last 30 years

Kunshan, founded in 1986, in the lock industry to meet the challenges of their own 30. Thirty years is a process of maturity and transformation for a person, and it is no different for an enterprise. From the ordinary door lock, it has been accepted and trusted by users, to the marketing of various kinds of products in Europe, the United States and Japan all over the world, then to the current step on the era of Intelligent Express Jingyan intelligent electronic lock. This is the maturity and growth of an enterprise, but also China's reform and opening up since the development and growth of national enterprises in miniature.

These 30 years are not only the accumulation of capital and strength, but also the accumulation of experience and technology. Over the past 30 years, Kunshan General adhere to the "people-oriented, excellence, integrity and pragmatic, continuous innovation" business philosophy has continuously created a popular variety of lock products. And these experience and technology, is the development and manufacture of safe and reliable intelligent electronic lock products guarantee.

Research Technology, win in the age of intelligence

Since entering the field of intelligent lock, with advanced technology and excellent quality, Kunshan General Electronic Lock won the 2017 Chinese intelligent lock well-known brand name. In order to further enhance the strength of Kun Mountain General Intelligent Lock, Shanghai Kun Mountain Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. , located in the center of Shanghai Hongqiao World, was established. The company has increased efforts to introduce high-tech talent and equipment, joined the latest research and Development Laboratory, intelligent lock production line and product testing departments. To achieve from the technical research and development to the product factory true excellence. At the same time in the design of lock color on the effort to make a practical and beautiful and get the product.

The success of Tonyon electronic lock products is best demonstrated by the sales volume and the reputation of customers.

Looking forward to the future, it is even more important to forge ahead

Society is developing and the Times are advancing. The history of an enterprise alone can not be the driving force of new technology and new products. It is the current standard to keep up with the times and develop products and technologies. Kunshan general is such a company, not satisfied with the achievements, become China's intelligent lock leading enterprise brand, striving to become an international intelligent lock industry famous brand, is Kunshan Tonyon's ambitious goal.


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